Overall experience…

For this whole experience using the blogs and all different technology it has been very tricky and at times frustrating to get things working properly! but I can now know a lot more about all types of programs that I can use while I am teaching my own class. I especially like Edmodo because it gives teachers the opportunity to interact with other teachers and students. They can also create their own communties, assignments, polls and many more other exciting features. The hardest program I used was Diigo because I could not understand it fully and it just didnt interest me one bit. I prefer programs with a bit of colour and fun to it. I especially liked making my own slideshows. I used the Microsoft Photo Story program to create a slideshow for my mum’s 50th party and it worked out great! I never realised how much teachnology is out there and the programs for different things are endless! I am looking forward to continuing my knowledge on all of this further down the track. Overall it had been a great experience! 🙂

Microsoft Photo Story

So this week I have created my very own slideshow containing photos and music using Microsoft Photo Story. I had so much fun creating this and I loved how you can personalize it the way you want it to go. When I was at school I remember that at the end of every year my teacher would give each student a slideshow with music and photos of the whole school year and all the events that went on throughout the year. This would be great for me to use for my own classroom to do the same idea, and its FREE! I created just a short slideshow with photos of my pet bunny just to play around with it. I especially like the feature you can use to put your own music on. I have put down below were to click in when you want to insert your own music.



Flickr is a website that allows you to upload all your photos onto the site and let you edit and publish them however you would like. I think this site would be useful for a teacher to use when they have different activities such as dress up day, sports day or any other events that provides photos, for them to upload the photos to this site and edit them with different captions and fun animations. Teachers would be able to print the photos of and base an acitivity for the class around the photos and what event they were taken in. I have previously looked at other photo sites that allows you to do the same thing, but Flickr seems like an easy site to navigate your way around if your a busy teacher that needs the photos done that night. You can also explore different photos on the site that other people have uploaded, which again teachers could show to the class and base a lesson around it, whether it be a scenic photos or a photo of an animal.


New Widget!

I have had a bit of fun with all the new widgets you can use and I have found one for google maps, facebook and cute little animals that you can out in your blogs to make it a bit more exciting! The site I have found if you click here, it will take you to the webiste for all kinds of widgets! Then you simply copy and paste it into your blog or website you wish to use. Teachers could use many of these widgets for interactions with other teachers or students, such as the google map, which a teacher might need to get to a new school or go somewere on an excursion. Another teacher can simply tell them the address and they can find it on there google map widget.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well its been a while since I have blogged on here! I have been on two week placement for teaching rounds. I can see I have a lot to catch up on! I noticed on teaching rounds alot of different kinds of technology being used in the classroom and used by teachers. Some of this technology involved YouTube, Interactive whiteboards and all sorts of programs the children use to help make learning more interactive and fun for them! I can’t wait to have my own classroom and be able to apply some technology to my classroom to make learning a different experience for the children..

Diigo Thoughts

I have recently signed up for a Diigo account, which it looks like another Facebook or Twitter. I haven’t fully discovered exactly what it can do and how we can use it, but I think it looks like it will be a handy tool to use for teachers. I have found that using the help tab at the top right hand corner has guided me through what exactly to do with this site.

I think this site would be useful for all teachers to create groups and have discussions about certain curriculum or any interests they have.


Google Reader Findings

So I have come across a new site called Google Readers which is an effective way of keeping track of everyone’s blogs. It has taken me a while to work out how to add people’s URL’s into Google readers but I have finally worked it out. Once you have subscribed to the website you can then click up in the search tab and enter in the URL of each blog you want to follow. Simply copy and paste the URL of the person’s blog and enter it in and search. This will then come up with the blog and then you can subscribe to it, as shown below.

(click on picture above to see more detail on adding URL’s)

This feature is great because I can now keep track on my favourite blogs and my friends blogs and shows me if I have missed any blogs that I haven’t already read. Hopefully I can work out some more features and keep you posted 🙂

Polls and Communities on Edmodo

I have recently looked at the polls and community feature on Edmodo and come to realize that this can really benefit me when I have my own class. I really like the poll tool as I can use it when starting up a new community for my classroom and all the students can join. For example I could start a community that was based around my English class and all the student can join up. Once I have all students joined in the community I can then conduct certain polls for students to participate in, for example asking questions like “What did you think of the new class novel we are reading?” and the answers the students can click on would be “no”, “it was great!” or “I liked it, but wouldn’t read it again”.

This indicates to the me as a teacher if the students enjoy the class materials I am providing them and I can base my lessons around the interests of other students through polls.  This creates an easy and quick way for a teacher to get any opinions or interests from each student and base a fun and effective lesson around this.


New Widget Discovery

So recently I have discovered that you can put different widgets onto your edublogs! It took me a while to find out were to get them, but I now have a calender, recent  list’s of my blogs and a search engine on my page that can search for my blogs. These features can make a blog more engaging and eye catching for other people to read and look at. Obviously if I had a pro edublog I can have more widgets and themes but the free version is just as good.

I also changed my theme and layout to make it more personal. I have found that you can upload your own pictures to create your own theme and background.

122As shown above, you simply go into ‘Customize Designs’ on the top of the page and then you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and simply upload your photo as shown as the screen shot above.

Edmodo Feature

Screen shot of a group/community that a teacher can create to discuss ideas or intrests

Screen shot of a group/community that a teacher can create to discuss ideas or intrests

Through exploring the Edmodo Website I have come across the feature that involves Edmodo account holders to join into a community. The community can be based on a certain interest or idea that a teacher may have, and it can allow other teachers to discuss this topic with them. I believe that this feature is relevant for all teachers as it provides the chance for sharing different classroom ideas and teaching resources that other teachers may want to discuss and share with everyone else. It is also great tool because it only allows access of people that know each other, so strangers wont be joining the conversation! Also for when a teacher transfers to a different school they still have a way of sharing ideas with each other through this tool.

As shown above the screen shot is a group that I made myself and it shows just how easy it is for a newbie to Edmodo to create a new group and start discussing!

Overall I think that this tool is a great way to stay in contact and share and discuss new and interesting ideas about teaching lessons. Teachers can all stay in contact and have know trouble in doing so!